How to Choose Security Guard Services: Everything You Need to Know

published on 16 December 2022

More than a third of Australians feel unsafe during the day. This is why many people turn to security services to feel protected.

Whether you need to hire security guards for your property or an event, it’s essential that you find a provider who will meet all your needs so that the experience is positive. Unfortunately, this can feel daunting if you don’t know what to look for.

Here are some basic tips that will help you choose security guard services.

How to Choose Security Guard Services

Think about how the guards will help your organisation or home. For instance, does your business need a full-time presence of guards or just a few hours per week? Do you want armed or unarmed guards?

The type of security services that you need will help determine the guard company that’s best for you.

Read Online Reviews

Reading online reviews is important because they provide insight into what people think about the services they’ve received from this company. Read both good and bad reviews to get an idea of how well the company handles complaints.

Comparing Security Guard Costs

Costs will vary depending on the type of security guard service you need. Compare prices by looking at the hourly rate, the number of hours per day, and the number of days per week.

A common method is charging by the hour. Many companies will have a minimum and a maximum number of hours you can use these services.

Another standard way is charging by shift. For example, most companies consider eight hours a full workday and bill customers for that time at a flat rate.

Many security companies offer both options, so ask about your potential provider's offers before selecting one based solely on price.

Licensed Security Guards

Security employers must hold a Master Licence, and all employees must also have licences. A security guard without the proper licensing cannot legally work on your property or patrol your area.

Ask the company to present you with a copy of their licences before you hire them. They should also provide you with certificates such as First Aid and CPR training.


Many companies offer ongoing training programs to keep their employees up-to-date on the latest technology and security practices. Ask your provider if they enrol their staff in training courses or have a dedicated team member who handles the lessons.

Customer Service

Find out how easy it is to get in touch with the company if something goes wrong. You should also ask about their response time. For example, some companies may offer 24/7 service while others only operate during regular business hours.

Types of Security Guard Services

You can hire security guards for many reasons. Here are some common types of security guard services.

Static Security

Static security guards are the most common type of security guard service. They typically work in a specific location, such as a store or office building. You can also request that they protect a single person.

Static security guards don’t patrol the area they’re watching. A static guard stands at their post and checks customers as they enter to ensure that their IDs are valid and that they’re not carrying any dangerous items.

Asset Protection

You can use asset protection services for homes, businesses, vehicles, and other valuable items. Besides deterring would-be criminals and keeping watch over your physical property, asset protection guards will also keep an eye out for any suspicious activity around your business or home.

They’ll report any suspicious activity they see directly to you. That way, you can take steps toward preventing theft from happening. In addition, some security companies train asset protection guards to use non-lethal force when needed.

Loss Prevention

This broad term covers many security measures, but it’s not just about theft. It also includes preventing vandalism and ensuring the safety of employees, clients, and visitors.

To provide effective loss prevention services, security guards must be trained to spot potential threats before they happen. They must also know how to respond when something dangerous happens. For example, if one of your employees is being harassed by a customer, the security guard should be able to intervene and escort that person out of the building.

Crowd Control

Crowd control services are vital to many events, including concerts and sporting events. These services ensure the event runs smoothly by:

  • Keeping people in line
  • Monitoring access to certain areas
  • Managing crowds during riots or protests

A crowd controller ensures the safety of attendees at an event by de-escalating conflict and preventing outbreaks of violence. You can also ask them to help keep people moving in one direction during a sale or an emergency. In extreme cases, crowd controllers work with police officers to ensure everyone’s safety by removing them from dangerous situations, such as fires.

Gatehouse Security

These security guards control access to your home, business, or warehouse. They’ll make sure that only authorised people enter your property. Gatehouse security guards can also monitor who comes out of your building.

They’re usually stationed at the entrance to your home or business, but you can also hire them to patrol the grounds if you have a large outdoor area. These guards are also responsible for watching CCTV footage to help prevent crime.

Hire the Best Security Guards in Sydney

The best way to choose security guard services for your business or home is by doing a little research and asking questions. You can start by looking into the company’s licensing and training requirements, as well as the services they offer

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