Gatehouse Security Sydney

Gatehouse security is an ideal solution if you need to control access to your home, business park, or warehouse main entry point. As a leader in gatehouse security, Secureguard will work with you to determine the best gatehouse security solution for your security needs.

Gatehouses are the main entry point of any property, whether a house, subdivision, private business park or warehouse. Unfortunately, sometimes, security threats are hiding in plain sight. To keep these at bay, you need a well-trained security guard to man the gatehouse.

Observant, diligent, and loyal gatehouse security guards are the type of security guards you hire at Secureguard. We do not skimp on training, and we only have experienced security guards representing us. When it comes to security needs, Secureguard is the name to call.

Gatehouse Security

How will Secureguard’s services benefit you and your property?

Regulating entry and exit at the gate

Having a guard you can trust in charge of entry and exit would be a source of relief for you and your occupants. In addition, our guards will keep a close record of who and what enters or leaves the property so that you will be armed with sufficient information if any untoward incident or even crime happens.

Reporting of suspicious incidents

You can trust that Secureguard’s guards are proactive, not reactive. They are skilled at identifying potential security threats. They are alert and efficient in reporting these so that negative occurrences can be avoided.

Monitoring of CCTV surveillance

No matter how high quality your CCTV equipment is, they are only as good as the personnel monitoring them. Security guards at Secureguard are quick at spotting suspicious activity through the CCTV and are even quicker to respond.

Regular patrolling in the area

Security guards do not only respond to suspicious activity. They also act as a deterrent. When troublemakers know that a professional security guard is around, they will likely stand back and avoid trouble. At Secureguard, we understand the importance of patrolling, and we are physically and mentally prepared for any incident that may come up.