7 Important Tips for Hiring Crowd Control Security Services

published on 12 December 2022

Stadium Australia holds an enormous 83,500 spectators, but even if you’re not expecting this size of a crowd, it’s still vital to hire the best crowd control security services for your event.

However, finding the best crowd control company is not always easy. Unfortunately, if disreputable firms provide unqualified staff, they could find themselves unable to cope with large throngs of people, potentially putting both people and property at risk.

This is why it’s critical to consider 7 vital factors before hiring professional crowd control services. Read on to learn more.

1. Certification and Licensing

The minimum you should expect from a crowd control security company is that they have the proper license and that their staff are certified. This displays that the firm takes its responsibilities seriously and that its employees have the qualifications to perform their roles.

You can also ask if the company performs tests before hiring staff as this can indicate they employ higher calibre candidates. In addition, a security business that provides its team with training is likely to have employees that have the latest knowledge and skills to manage crowds at your event.

2. Crowd Control Experience

Security guards that are experienced in event crowd control can handle a wide range of situations. For example, there may be attendees who are being overly loud and annoying to those around them. Others could consume too much alcohol and become agitated or aggressive.

There could also be people who feel anxious and need assistance with getting some space and fresh air. Managing such varied scenarios can be challenging, and seasoned guards will take calm and reasoned decisions when others may become overwhelmed. This can stop situations from running out of control and keep your event enjoyable for everyone.

3. Approach to Crowd Control

Not every company uses the same crowd control methods, and you should use a firm that fits your business’s culture. This is an often overlooked but essential part of working with a security firm.

Should a company have a brusque approach, this can reflect badly on your business. In the age of social media, your reputation can be damaged quickly and have a long-lasting effect on your brand. But, if you work with a security firm that treats your eventgoers well, this can enhance your standing and help to promote your business.

Ask a security company how they would approach certain scenarios and decide if you are happy with their processes. This can reassure you that you’ll be hiring the right crowd control partner for your needs.

4. Security Company Presentation

You need crowd control to ensure your event is a success, but using a reputable security company can also show your firm in the best possible light. Ask if the security guards will be wearing uniforms, badges, and ID cards. This can give people in the crowd confidence that the guards are accountable.

It also means people know who to speak to if there is a crowd control issue. Having identifiable guards at entrances, exits, and throughout your arena can make your attendees feel safe and encourage them to relax and have fun at your event.

5. Communication Skills

Communication is at the heart of a successful crowd control strategy. By staying in touch throughout your event, the security team can discuss any concerns and take action to stop problems from escalating.

However, the crowd control team may not be working in isolation, and they might also need to know how to communicate with other agencies. This could include law enforcement, fire department personnel, or medical staff.

Therefore, knowing how to play their part within the overall structure of your event is vital for security staff. Well-trained crowd control employees can communicate effectively with all parties and help to resolve matters rapidly. This can keep your event running smoothly at all times.

6. Reliability

Hiring crowd control employees should be straightforward, but this isn’t always the case. Some firms are understaffed and may not be able to fulfil their obligations.

For example, should an employee call in sick before their shift, there might not be cover available. This could leave your event without adequate crowd control and put people and property at risk of harm.

But, when you work with a trustworthy crowd control firm, they will have planned for such issues and be able to provide enough staff to keep your attendees safe.

7. Crowd Control Service Cost

Cost is a factor, but it’s also important to consider what services you require rather than only choosing a crowd control company based on price. If you select the cheapest firm, their employees may be untrained and unable to cope with difficult situations.

Instead, ask a security business which services you are receiving for your money. A high-quality firm will explain what you can expect from their staff and tell you why their services are worth the price.

This will allow you to make an informed decision and find the best crowd control firm for your requirements.

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