Static Guard: 9 Reasons to Hire Static Security in Sydney

published on 12 December 2022

Crime costs Australian businesses $170 million each year.

People often get hurt due to criminal activity, and the results could even be lethal. Businesses can also lose thousands in assets. Criminal activity can also impact workplace morale, affecting employees' productivity and ability to provide positive customer service experiences.

For that reason, updating your static security measures is essential. Namely, with static guards that offer visitors and staff peace of mind and minimize hazards in the workplace.

So keep reading to learn more. Below, we'll explain more about employing a static guard and the benefits of doing so.

What Are Static Guards?

Static security guards are stationed at a designated point and do not move from their spot. By doing so, they protect the site by controlling entry and exit points. Their duties include:

  • Routine checks
  • Monitoring video surveillance footage
  • Checking visitors' identification
  • Personnel security
  • Allow or restrict physical access to designated premises

1. Visual Security Deterrent

The best way to deal with criminals is to prevent them from attempting anything on your premises in the first place. Fortunately, even the sight of a security guard will send most to-be perpetrators running.

By functioning as visual deterrents, static guards prevent any trouble from occurring in the first place. This way, you won't have to spend further time and finances dealing with the fallout of criminal attempts.

2. Crowd Control

Special events and big sales can turn a sizable crowd. But although a large turnout is great for revenue, a rowdy crowd can increase theft, property damage, and personal injury.

Use crowd control in your Sydney business by having a static guard present. Static guards designated at entrances and exits can properly regulate who leaves and enters the area. They'll ensure guests don't sneak into authorized areas, quell crowds when overexcited, and prevent damage to assets and merchandise.

3. Regulation Compliance

When you hire a static security service, you also hire compliance experts. Your business can improve and maintain safety and security compliance with a highly trained team of static guards.

Doing so legally means you've done everything possible to ensure the safety and security of people on the premises. This can prevent your business from being liable for injuries and damage.

4. Intruder Prevention

More than half of burglaries occur at night. That's because the premises are much emptier, minimizing potential obstacles for thieves.

But once again, static guards can act as visual deterrents. If they try breaking and entering anyway, guards can use their training to prevent the intrusion.

Ultimately, better security will also improve your business's reputation. Once burglars know that a business is especially secure, they're unlikely to target it next at all.

5. Asset Protection

Replacing an expensive asset isn't easy. It's even more challenging to try and operate a business without its vital equipment and tools.

At the very least, your quality of customer service would suffer. As a result, you may lose customers seeking your usual quality.

That's why keeping unauthorized people away from your assets is essential. This includes thieves, unruly guests, and more. Static guards will ensure people don't damage or steal your assets, which can otherwise debilitate your business.

6. Visitor Screening

If you must screen visitors, station static guards by entryways. Although other employees can also be statically stationed and ask for visitors' identification, they may not do so thoroughly and fall victim to intimidation.

However, static guards will thoroughly screen visitors on their identity. If requested, they will screen for other factors such as vaccination status. Guards will utilize their expertise to subdue the intruder if anyone tries to force their way in.

7. Quick Reaction

As said before, CCTV footage alone is excellent for holding criminals accountable after the fact. However, accountability isn't guaranteed.

If they successfully flee, your chance of apprehending them is greatly diminished. Your business might even gain a reputation for faulty security, which could turn paying customers away and attract other thieves. Luckily, static guards can prevent criminals from getting away due to their security training and athleticism.

8. Better Business Reputation

When customers feel safe at your business, they'll view it as reliable. If your business seems reliable, they're more likely to shop there again and recommend it to others.

But if they feel unsafe, they'll do the exact opposite. Regardless of the quality of your products and services, your business's reputation will suffer if it's viewed as unsafe. With the benefits of static security, you can subvert this risk by improving your security system's efficacy.

9. Accurate Crime Reports

If something happens on your business's premises, you must accurately report the event to law enforcement professionals. With this information, they'll hold the assailant(s) accountable and help you recover any lost and damaged assets.

Security professionals are industry experts with high, observational attention to detail. They're better equipped to write detailed, accurate crime reports for investigators.

Finding Great Static Security in Sydney

Not all static guards in Sydney off exceptional services. When beginning your search for great static security, search for indicators of:

  • Experience
  • Reputation
  • Certification
  • References
  • Insurance
  • Specialization
  • Training
  • Emergency support
  • Great communication skills

Static Guard

In several critical ways, falling victim to criminal activity is detrimental to your business. Luckily, hiring static guards can significantly reduce your chances of suffering these consequences.

At Secureguard Corporate Services, we understand how integral security is to your business's operation. That's why our team of highly trained specialists offers exceptional static guard services in Sydney. Contact us today to learn more!

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