Static Security: Hire Security Guards in Sydney

Hire security guards in Sydney from Secureguard Corporate Services, the city's trusted leader in static security solutions. Our highly trained static security guards prioritise your safety, giving you complete peace of mind.

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1000+ Happy Clients

  • "Been using secure guard for a while now and couldn’t be happier. They supply our venues (Avondale Hotel and Pendle Inn Hotel) security 7 nights a week. Guards are always large solid guards that present well, turn up on time and let us sleep easy knowing the venues are safe."

    Michael Bray Duggan - Family Hotels
  • "Secureguard look after both of our venues in the Sydney CBD, we hold a capacity of 2000 patrons at each venue on most nights. Secure Guard keep our staff and patrons safe at all times. When interacting with patrons the guards are more like concierges."

    Kevin Fokes
  • "The SecureGuard bouncers in the Hawkesbury NSW area are the best in the business. I always know that me and my family are safe when they are in control of a venue when a situation arises. All the guards I have met treat me with respect and they are honest and reliable."

    Wayne Roberts
  • "Been using this company for years in my hotels. Couldn't think of a better company to keep my patrons and staff safe. Haven't seen another security company even come close to what they have to offer!"

    Rod Clarke
  • "Needed a reliable and well-mannered security team for a business function in Penrith. Secureguard delivered over and beyond. Great staff and management very friendly to talk to. Thanks SecureGuard for your services."

    Ashley Machin

Static Security Services

  • Bar, Club & Restaurant Security

    Bar, Club & Restaurant Security

    If you hold a liquor license in Sydney, your business could face serious financial consequences due to unruly behaviour or underage drinking. Hire security guards in Sydney to protect your licensed establishment from liability and disorderly patrons. Our static security guards in Sydney excel in ID checks and professionally manage demanding customers, ensuring a safe environment. By opting for our security services, you're choosing a team adept at maintaining order and compliance within Sydney's vibrant nightlife scene.

  • Business Static Security

    Business Static Security

    Security is a top priority for every business and commercial property owner in Sydney. Hire professional security guards in Sydney to create a safer, more secure environment for your business or commercial property. From factories and offices to warehouses across Sydney, our experienced guards deter crime and protect your assets, offering peace of mind and enhanced safety. Choose our Sydney-based security services to ensure your property is safeguarded by crime prevention and asset protection experts.

  • Asset protection

    Asset Protection

    Safeguard your property, people, products, and equipment from criminal activity in Sydney. Hire professional security guards in Sydney for superior asset protection that meets your specific needs. Our vigilant guards meticulously monitor your property, swiftly identify potential threats, and respond according to the highest industry standards. With our dedicated team in Sydney, rest assured that your assets are under the watchful eye of security experts adept at preventing and managing incidents efficiently.

  • Event & Venue Security

    Event & Venue Security

    Ensure the protection of your next event in Sydney by hiring our static security guards. All our guards undertake thorough probity checks for your peace of mind, making them a trustworthy choice for event security in Sydney. We provide guards for entry/exit control, ID/bag checks, and strategic surveillance to facilitate smooth, worry-free events. Whether it's a corporate function, private celebration, or public gathering in Sydney, our experienced guards maintain a secure, welcoming environment for all attendees.

Customised Static Security: Your Business, Securely Protected

Get tailored security solutions when you hire security guards in Sydney from Secureguard Corporate Services. We protect businesses, events, assets, and more with personalised, professional guard services. Our expertise extends to offering comprehensive risk assessments, ensuring your security plan is robust and tailored to the unique challenges of your Sydney location.

Customised Static Security: Your Business, Securely Protected

Accredited, Experienced, and Trustworthy: Hire Security with Confidence

Choose Secureguard Corporate Services when you need to hire security guards in Sydney. We're the city's leading static security provider, delivering adaptable, certified guards and unparalleled service for over 30 years. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring your peace of mind, offering custom security solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Accredited, Experienced, and Trustworthy: Hire Security with Confidence

Proactive Crisis Management and Exceptional Service

Our Sydney-based static security guards excel in crisis management and are committed to top-tier customer service, ensuring your peace of mind. They proactively identify and neutralise threats before they escalate, safeguarding your business, events, and assets with unmatched vigilance. Experience the Secureguard difference and see why we're the trusted choice for hiring security guards in Sydney!

Proactive Crisis Management and Exceptional Service

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are your static security guards accredited, licensed and insured?

    Yes! Secureguard Corporate Services is fully accredited and licensed for reliable Sydney security solutions. Our Security Master License Number is 000107837, plus we carry extensive insurance coverage for your peace of mind.

  • What kind of static security services do you offer?

    We provide a wide range of static security solutions to protect Sydney businesses, events, and properties. Our services include:

    Commercial Security:

    • Building sites
    • Factories
    • Offices
    • Warehouses

    Event & Venue Security:

    • Conventions
    • Concerts
    • Clubs
    • Hotels
    • Pubs

    Additionally, we can provide static security for private properties in some instances. Contact us to discuss your needs and hire security guards in Sydney.

  • What does a static security guard do?

    A static security guard’s role is to man locations such as entry and exit points for asset protection and loss prevention, to prevent unauthorised access and crime, and to check credentials. In addition, they oversee guests and visitors, ensure rules and regulations are being upheld, monitor customer disputes, protect property and other assets, and maintain a security presence for crime prevention and business protection.

  • How long have you been serving this area?

    We've been proudly protecting Sydney businesses and events for over 30 years. Our extensive experience in the Sydney Metro area and across NSW means you get reliable, industry-leading security solutions you can trust.

  • My business/event/venue is small. Do I need a security guard?

    Small businesses or events are not exempt from crime and may need a security guard. For example, small businesses, such as service stations and convenience stores, are targeted due to their smaller size. And any event where a crowd gathers or alcohol is present can be subject to disorderly behaviour and crime.

  • How do I know I can trust your static security guards?

    We understand the importance of trust when hiring security guards. That's why we conduct thorough background checks on all our staff and guards. This rigorous process ensures our guards possess the following:

    • Knowledge and expertise: They are well-trained in all aspects of static security.
    • Professionalism: They adhere to the highest industry standards and protocols.
    • Dedication to your safety: They are committed to providing reliable security solutions.
  • Do you provide obligation-free quotes for static security?

    Yes, we do. Call us with your requirements, or we can arrange a site visit to tailor a solution and provide an obligation-free quote. Please call 1300 808 257, email us at, or contact us.

  • What can’t static security guards do?

    Static security guards do not have the same powers as police. For example, they can’t arrest or search people without their consent unless they perform a citizen’s arrest. They can’t detain a person or take them anywhere except under citizen’s arrest. They will use reasonable force to remove a person from a property or detain them while waiting for police to arrive. They can’t demand personal details unless they are trespassing or believed to be under 18 at licenced premises.

  • How much does static security cost?

    The cost of static security services in Sydney depends on several factors, including:

    • Number of guards needed: Larger spaces or events may require multiple guards.
    • Duration of service: Longer shifts or multi-day events will influence the cost.
    • Public holidays: Expect to pay a higher rate for security on public holidays.

    We offer customisable security solutions to fit your needs and budget. Our hourly rate starts at $55/hour. Contact us for a personalised quote – larger projects or longer contracts receive special pricing.