Trusted & Experienced Static Security Sydney

Hiring a static security guard is an excellent way to give your property or business an additional layer of safety and security. Our trained, professional static security guards provide surveillance and act as a deterrent against would-be criminals.

Professional, reliable, and trustworthy

Just three of the ways our clients have described Secureguard’s dedicated and highly trained static security personnel. Our professional security team pride itself on delivering the best private property and asset and venue static security service in Sydney.

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    We can customise the best static security solutions for your peace of mind, no matter your security requirements. We offer seamless and professional static security solutions for assets, businesses, events, people, and other commercial premises.

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    Sydney’s best accredited and fully licensed security organisations. We have 40 years of experience across various industries and security levels and pride ourselves on a commitment to providing adaptable and certified static security guards.

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    Our team are highly effective in challenging circumstances, skilled in negotiation and adept in crisis management. SecureGuard always deliver a high level of customer service, and can identify unwanted or dangerous situations before they escalate.

With more than 26 years of industry experience

Get protected and get on with business with static security from Secureguard

Static Security Services

  • Asset Protection

    Asset Protection

    Static security is your first line of defence. Protect your property, people, products or equipment from criminal activity. Our guards are trained in situational awareness and keep a close eye on people and the environment, inspecting and monitoring movements in and around your property. They have the skills to detect danger and will act swiftly while following strict industry protocols. For advanced asset protection, connect with the team at Secureguard to protect your people and property.

  • Business Static Security

    Business Static Security

    Security is high on every business and commercial property owner’s list. With Secureguard’s accredited and licenced security team, you can create the image of a secure property to deter crime, and your assets will be safe and secure in the highly trained hands of the best security professionals in Sydney and NSW. So whether you need a secure factory, industrial estate, office, or warehouse, we can offer certified and trained guards and peace of mind.

  • Bar club and restaurant security

    Bar, Club And Restaurant

    If you have a liquor license, it could result in serious financial consequences for your business. Protect your business from unruly behaviour or under-aged drinkers. Our static security guards are trained to check customer identification comprehensively and are on the lookout for fraudulent documents. They are also trained to identify and handle troublesome customers with assertiveness and professionalism. Contact the team at Secureguard today.

  • Event and venue security

    Event And Venue Security

    Protect your next event with static security guards. We provide quality static security at entry and exit points, conducting identification and bag checks, and being stationed around your venue, delivering high-level protection for guests and reputation. In addition, we have provided trained and reliable static security guards at events, including conferences, conventions, music festivals, product launches, weddings, and more. Ensure your next big event goes off without a hitch!

Our Process

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    Choose static security guards that are 100% trustworthy and reliable

    We put our security guards through a rigorous vetting process that includes comprehensive background checks.

    The level of training we provide gives them a diverse set of skills and a mature and capable work ethic. You’re in safe hands with our security staff.

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    Contact us for advice and an obligation-free quote

    Don’t struggle to find the right security solutions on your own. Instead, contact us, and we’ll provide advice about the most suitable solutions to fit your needs and budget.

    In addition, our security professionals will take your business/property requirements into account and provide you with a competitive obligation-free quote.

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    Fast and easy hiring process

    Time is money. So, we’ve done the hard work to ensure our team is vetted and trained and ready to protect your business and assets.

    As a result, there are minimal documents to complete during our setup process, and our team can be on their way to your premises to boost your protection and security in no time.

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    A customised static security strategy

    We want to make sure our static security solutions work for you. So we review your property, assets and personnel and work with you to find the best strategic locations for security guards.

    This allows us to deliver high-level security, meeting and exceeding your expectations as an accredited security provider.

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    Get on with business!

    Have peace of mind knowing that the 5-Star team at Secureguard protects your business or property entrances.

    Our guards are trained to be adaptable, think on their feet, and have the skills to cope with any situation!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are your static security guards accredited, licensed and insured?

    Yes! We are an accredited and licenced protection organisation. Security Master License No. 409 995 269. And we are fully insured with NSW General Worker's Compensation and $10M in Public Liability.

  • What kind of static security services do you offer?

    We offer static security services for commercial properties such as warehouses, industrial areas, building sites, factories and offices. We also provide static security for private properties or retail events such as conventions, concerts, weddings, and venues, including clubs, hotels, pubs, and restaurants.

  • What does a static security guard do?

    A static security guard’s role is to man locations such as entry and exit points for asset protection and loss prevention, to prevent unauthorised access and crime, and to check credentials. In addition, they oversee guests and visitors, ensure rules and regulations are being upheld, monitor customer disputes, protect property and other assets, and maintain a security presence for crime prevention and business protection.

  • How long have you been serving this area?

    We have been providing all levels of security services across a range of industries in the Sydney Metro area and NSW for 40 years.

  • My business/event/venue is small. Do I need a security guard?

    Small businesses or events are not exempt from crime and may need a security guard. For example, small businesses, such as service stations and convenience stores, are targeted due to their smaller size. And any event where a crowd gathers or alcohol is present can be subject to disorderly behaviour and crime.

  • How do I know I can trust your static security guards?

    We run comprehensive background checks on all of our staff and security guards. As a result, they are knowledgeable and trained in all facets of their profession and are committed to providing security measures in adherence to industry security practices and protocols.

  • Do you provide obligation-free quotes for static security?

    Yes, we do. Give us a call with your requirements, or we can arrange a site visit to tailor a solution and provide an obligation-free quote. Call us on 1300 808 257, email us at, or contact us.

  • What can’t static security guards do?

    Static security guards do not have the same powers as police. For example, they can’t arrest or search people without their consent unless they perform a citizen’s arrest. They can’t detain a person or take them anywhere except under citizen’s arrest. They will use reasonable force to remove a person from a property or detain them while waiting for police to arrive. They can’t demand personal details unless they are trespassing or believed to be under 18 at licenced premises.

  • How much does static security cost?

    The cost of static security will differ depending on the needs of each client, such as how many guards are required and for how long. We can customise a security solution to suit your specific needs and budget.